Out of School Care

Age: 6-12 year olds attending grades 1-6

This room features 3 teachers caring for up to 36 children before and after school.

The OSC program focuses on planning activities for a variety of ages and needs. Some children are exhausted after school and require relaxing activities, and others have tons of energy and may require something more exciting. As children grow older, they begin to express more interest in adding their ideas to the planning, as well as helping set up certain activities. We encourage the children to use their leadership skills and problem solving skills when doing so.

Throughout the afternoon we seek to help develop a child’s self confidence, independence, problem solving skills, empathy and respect.

Technology: In our OSC room children are able to bring their technology items to use for a maximum of 30 minutes per day.   Please review the technology policy in our Policy and Procedure Manual prior to bringing technology to the center.

Field Trips: Occasionally we plan field trips on PD days, Teacher’s Convention, Spring Break, Christmas Break. Our summers are filled with field trips to keep us busy!

Meals: Your child will receive a morning and afternoon snack based on the Canada Food Guide. Children attending St. Mary’s arrive at lunch on Thursdays and are able to participate in our lunch program for a fee.

Our Program Sets Goals For Each Child:

  • Social –  To encourage children to be comfortable at the Centre, to make friends and to feel part of the group.
  • Emotional –  To encourage children to feel pride and self-confidence, to develop independence, self-control and a positive attitude.
  • Physical – To help children enjoy indoor and outdoor play, to develop large and small muscle skills and independence in self-help skills, to provide equipment and experiences for children to challenge themselves and others.
  • Cognitive – To encourage children to ask questions, make decisions and solve problems, to encourage trying out new ideas, to help children become excited about learning, to provide cooperative team experiences where children learn group dynamics and working with others.
  • Creative: to provide opportunities for children to express themselves and their feelings through art, music and drama, to encourage and support imaginative thinking, to provide a variety of “projects” for the children to explore and create.

A typical day in OSC:

When children arrive each morning they have an opportunity to choose from a variety of activities including but not limited to arts & crafts, manipulatives, blocks, dramatic play, games, homework, reading, etc.   The children have the opportunity to enjoy a simple snack of usually cereal & Milk, granola bars, fruit, etc.  Our center provide a staff to accompany the children to the bus stop in front of our center meeting the bus from St Mary’s and St Monica’s schools, as well as, to accompany the children to George Luck School.

Children arrive from their designated schools each afternoon and the children are invited to enjoy a wonderful snack.   After snacks there are opportunities for Outdoor play, arts & crafts, science, manipulative, blocks, dramatic play, games, homework, reading, cooking, etc.   Our OSC children have a bi-monthly art class with Amanda Sinclair, and weekly opportunities for Gym at George H Luck School through the City of Edmonton Gymnasium rentals.  We also plan fieldtrips based on children’s interest for most non-school days.

In this room we encourage the children to use problem solving strategies but staff are available at all times to support the children through this process.  We use positive reinforcements throughout each day and also have a reward system set up and developed by our children.   We incorporate childrens interests into our planning and offer older children many opportunities for peer mentoring and leadership activities.

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We look forward to caring for your child and hope that your time with us will be a positive life experience. Please feel free to approach anyone of us at anytime at the Centre. Any questions? Phone us at 436-4504 or fill out our online Contact form.

“Learning through Play“