Toddlers Program

Age: 13 months-3 years

This room features 2 teachers caring for 10 children. Your child will have a variety of opportunities to explore and learn both indoors and outdoors through planned activities and spontaneous play. Throughout the day your child will participate in a multitude of engaging gross motor and fine motor activities to help those little hands and feet grow. Being such a busy age, there are many opportunities to rest including taking a nap after lunch. Throughout their time in the toddler room your child will transition from diapers to being potty trained and from highchairs to sitting at the table!

Music program: Every week our music teacher, Dawn, comes in to teach us new songs and dances with the Transition group. Music is a very important part of our development as it is linked with vocabulary expansion, number skills and gross motor skills.

A Typical Day At Brookview In The Toddler Program:

When the child enters in the morning, he is greeted by his teachers, and then he/she is given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before his/her arrival: House Keeping/Dramatic Play Center, Manipulative toys, cars, trucks, dolls, playdough, drawing, etc.  Throughout the day the children enjoy two healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch.  The children have daily opportunities for outdoor play until the weather is – 15°c.  The staff plan bi-monthly covering all areas of development; cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative.

Our toddler room is set up for ease of movement and safety with all those new walking feet.  A teacher is always nearby to support when the child when needed.  The children are given time to grow, room to explore, experiment, to discover, to play and to be a child.

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