Jr. Kinder & Kinder Program

Age: 4.5-6 years old

This room features 2 teachers caring for 20 children.

Our Junior Kinder children attend for the full day and continue to enjoy our teacher-directed activities based on the emergent curriculum, as well as open exploration. Our Junior Kinders still get the opportunity to rest if needed. Children who no longer need to rest will be given a quiet activity to participate in after approximately 45 minutes.

Our Kinder children are walked to GHL with the Out of School Care teachers in the morning once you have reviewed and returned the transportation agreement. After school, a designated teacher will pick up the Kinder group from GHL and walk them back to the centre. Children attending St. Monica will be walked to the bus in the morning, and dropped off in front of the centre after school. Upon arrival, we eat a nutritious lunch based on the Canada Food Guide.

Stay Up Program: Typically, children in Kindergarten have developed to the point of not requiring a rest time. However, we keep in mind that children develop at different rates. If a child requests a rest time, we will incorporate this based on our discretion. During Stay Up time, there is teacher directed learning to support what is being taught at school. There are also open ended activities based on child interests.

Music program: Each week our music teacher, Dawn, comes in to teach us new songs and dances with the Preschool group. Music is a very important part of our development as it is linked with vocabulary expansion, number skills and gross motor skills.

Art program: Every two weeks our art teacher, Amanda, comes in to lead us through painting and drawing. This allows us to develop our fine motor skills, listening and following skills, hand-eye coordination and how to express our ideas using artistic practices.

Gym program: We are very lucky to have access to the George H. Luck gym facility across the field. We are scheduled to have gym at least once or twice a week! During this time we stretch, play games, and have loads of fun.

A Typical Day At Brookview In The Jr. Kinder & Kinder Program:

When the child enters in the morning, he is greeted by his teachers, and then he/she is given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before his/her arrival: House Keeping/Dramatic Play Center, Library, Manipulatives, Crafts,  Sand/Water Centre etc. The centres are always available and the materials in them are changed weekly basis on the learning theme.

In this room our children have a Teacher directed learning time in the morning and afternoon, one focusing on early literacy skills and the other usually focusing on the child’s interests and fine motor skills, crafts etc.  We have a weekly 30 minute Music class with Dawn from Look for the Rainbow Music.  We have a bi-monthly 30 minute art class with Amanda Sinclair.  We also have weekly opportunites to play at George Luck Gymnasium through the city of Edmonton Gym Rentals.

A teacher is always nearby to support when the child when needed. We are always available to answer any questions, offer a challenging statement, or make a suggestion in keeping with each child’s current level of achievement, interest, ability, and needs. The children are given time to grow, room to explore, experiment, to discover, to play and to be a child.

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“Learning through Play“