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At Brookview Montessori Child Development Center our philosophy is based on “Learning through Play“. We offer two program options: Daycare Program and an Out of School Program. Children can join our center at the age of 13 months and can continue to attend until they reach the age of 12 years old. These programs are also offered both on a full time and part time basis. Contact us to learn more.

Early Learning Programs:

Toddler Program:

This room has two staff caring for 10 children ages 13 months – 3 years of age.  Throughout the day children will enjoy a variety of activities indoors and outdoors.  The teachers plan activities focusing on the children’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory, and language development.  Read More



Transition Program:

This unique group has one staff with 6 children ages 2.5 year up to 4 years of age.  This group is a transition into our larger preschool group.   Children can be in this room as young as 2.5 if they meet the developmental requirements of the group.  The teacher plans activities focusing on extending language development, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.  In this room we introduce our Teacher directed learning time each day.   Read More


Preschool Program:

This group has two staff caring for 16 children ages 3 year to 4.5 years of age.   The teachers incorporate children’s interests into room and planned activities.  Teacher directed learning time continues in this room twice per day focusing on early literacy.   Read More




Jr. Kinder & Kinder Program:

This group has two staff caring for a group of children ages 4.5 year – 5 years.   This group is a combination of children who are not yet attending  Kindergarten and children that are attending AM Kindergarten at one of the nearby schools.  The teachers incorporate the children’s interests into the room and planned activities.   Teacher directed learning time continues each afternoon focusing on early literacy and supporting what the children are learning in Kindergarten.  Read More



Out Of School Programs:


For Children 6-12 Years Of Age:

This room for children attending Grade 1 – 6 and may have up to 36 children with three staff.  Programming is based on a wide variety of children’s interests that are incorporated throughout their time here.  This usually includes physical activity, outside activity, arts and crafts.    Read More



Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Out of School Care Program

For more information on our affiliate program please contact Amy at 780 432 4855 or visit www.ajmosc.com

“Learning through Play“