Transition Program

Age: 2.5-4 years old

This room features 1 teacher caring for 6 children. It is a unique experience designed for children exiting the toddler to prepare them for preschool. As such, the transition group shares the same space the preschoolers use in order to help them learn to communicate and share among friends. We begin to introduce teacher directed activities and continue learning through play. Our teacher will plan activities based on the children’s interests. During this time, we encourage children to try new things, including new foods.

This group must be fully potty trained, wearing underwear at all times. We will give limited reminders to prevent accidents from happening.

Music program: Every week our music teacher, Dawn, comes in to teach us new songs and dances with the toddler group. Music is a very important part of our development as it is linked with vocabulary expansion, number skills and gross motor skills.

A Typical Day At Brookview In The Transition Program:

When the child enters in the morning, he is greeted by his teachers, and then he/she is given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before his/her arrival: House Keeping/Dramatic Play Center, Library, Manipulatives, Sand, Water and much more.   The centres are always available and the materials in them are changed weekly basis on the learning theme.

Our rooms are set up to support the group of children and best promote thier learning environment. A teacher is always nearby to support when the child when needed.  This group is very unique, the children have ample opportunities to play with the older children and begin to participate in a daily learning time that focuses on beginning literacy, with identifying their names, and begining to identify letters, number, etc.  We are always available to answer any questions, offer a challenging statement, or make a suggestion in keeping with each child’s current level of achievement, interest, ability, and needs. The children are given time to grow, room to explore, experiment, to discover, to play and to be a child.

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“Learning through Play“